Based on the government’s advice and guidelines, we have made some changes so we can all continue to operate and ensure everyone feels safe. Please follow these instructions to minimise risk for yourself and others.

  1. To enter the premises, please wait at the last set of double doors at the end of the building. Please do not enter until the door is opened for you and to avoid disruption to lessons, please be on time – not early and not late!
  2. Students must sanitise at the door, sanitiser will be provided. For the safety of our at risk students and staff, we are insisting that everyone must wear a mask upon entry so please organise this in advance. Masks will not necessarily be needed in the actual lesson, just upon entry of the building and whilst sanitising.
  3. Please send your child with tissues and encourage them to use when coughing and sneezing so as to keep everyone safe.
  4. All pianos will be sanitised after every use.
  5. We regret to inform we have no waiting facilities and no one other than students will be allowed into the building. Please organise the logistics of your travel and supervision accordingly.
  6. Whilst the pandemic continues, we will NOT be providing bathroom facilities at CHMA. We do not have the staff to clean and sanitise these facilities after each use so please bear this in mind before you come to your lesson.
  7. Exiting the building will be through the second to last set of double doors (the usual set) to allow for a one-way system. For collection of children, please let us know if your child is NOT allowed to walk to your car on their own and these children will be escorted to the door for your collection on the other side. We do NOT have facilities for children to wait so parents, please be prompt for pick up and respect the rules of no entry to the building and no touching of the door handle to minimise the spread of risk.